Best Friends Wedding Cake

I flew into Utah the day before the wedding a made the cake!  It was a stressful day, but the cake turned out beautiful!  I did not add the flowers myself, but the florist did an amazing job



Mrs. Misses said...

Great job, Steph! We actually bought our wedding cake from Cakes by Dawna at and I know you could be Cakes by Stephanie! Or something like that. You are on your way, girl!

Atkins Family said...

Steph! Thanks for doing your cake blog again! I love looking at it!! Maybe you could help me. I have to make a wedding cake and I have NEVER made one before! I have never layered a cake or anything. They just want a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, so that souldn't be too bad. I've never worked with fondent or anything. Do you have any good chocolate cake recipes for a wedding cake? Does it have to be a denser cake because it has layers stacked on top? If you have any tricks you might want to share maybe you could email me! I would love any thing you would love to share that might be helpful. Thanks! And your cakes are gorgeous!

violet said...

This cake is beautiful!! Lisa's wedding was so awesome and your cake totally added to the whole atmosphere! By the way, I'm her favorite sister-in-law. It tasted SO good! Mmmmm...yummy! This is the best cake you have ever and will ever make!! Great job!