Wedding Cakes

So I've only made a few, but that's what keeps my prices so low, and my attention to detail SO high! Send along an email if you want to know more!


JackieSue said...

GOODNESS girl~! You are amazing!!! And amazing enough to keep me up until almost 3 just wandering around on all you Raddatz peoples blogs!! Gosh I love your cakes. Can you ship em'??? ha hah aha! I too LOVE to make cakes. I have no show for it though. Darn. Craigs pathetic birthday cake this year is a disgrace. Please don't tell me you saw it...! I LOVE your cakes. Did I mention that??? You are talented. We need to market you more!

Jennifer said...

hi i just found your blog by stumbling around in blogger and i have to say what an amazing talent you have!! wow!! i just saw these pics and HAD to leave you a comment!! They are awesome!! :) i have to check out the rest or your blog and your other blog too!!
feel free to check out mine as well, i'm a stay at home mom to three kids, and i love to get to know new people through blogging. :) is it okay to add you to my blog roll?? :)
thanks jenn

K kid said...

Wow! Those are beautiful. You are truly multi-talented.