These are a few of the very first cake's I ever decorated. Immediatly I felt a passion for it and knew that it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I just love it! I would come up with excuses to make cakes. If I heard of someone who was having a birthday, it didn't really matter who, I would ask if I could make them a cake! They would look at me like I was crazy, but who can turn down a cake?

I made my own birthday cake!

This was for a friends baby shower This was for my husband. He is nearly 30 and still love G.I.Joe
This is the very first cake I made. It was then I knew I was hooked!
For a friends baby shower. This was a really simple cake.

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JackieSue said...

What in the world? I'm haunting you tonight... I had NO IDEA that you taught voice lessons. GOSH dang I love blogs! I'm learnning so much tonight. So teaching voice lessons also means you sing. Post a clip dude... So awesome!! I have talented family. And Heidi teaches piano. So cool. I can't even do seperate things with each of my hands so music is NOT my thing!